Whole Heart Believer Ministries







We love reaching people right where they are by addressing their needs and getting to the heart of the matter.  

While we are  small, God has opened many doors for Whole Heart Believer Ministries to walk with others and to guide them closer to Jesus.  To help them think on a deeper level and to be aware that God's promises are true for them.   We have had the privilege of holding  weekly Saturday evening services and dinner fellowships, conducted  integrative health conferences  for the public, provided  food for families in need,  helped single mothers  in need,  lead Bible studies for various groups, brought the beautiful art of ballet worship with The Redeemed Dance Project, to an area that had not experienced such worship through dance before, and  served as guest speakers  for Sunday morning services and conferences.   

Now, we are about to embark on our first large scale, God-given endeavor,  

Whole Heart Mission Retreat! 

The Lord is leading Whole Heart Believer Ministries to help in the fight for mental wellness and overall improved health.   Please visit our Whole Heart Mission Retreat page to see if you might be interested or led to help us help others.    

We have had the opportunity to join in ministry with many different ministries and people.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy!  Christian Fellowship Center in New Bedofrd, MA; New Temple Grove Ministries in Chesapeake, VA;  Honey In The Rock Dance Theater, Masterworks Touring Company, Joy Naik, Joelle Stephens, Naomi Delametter, Barbara McClain, Barb Satterwhite, Brenda Murat, Lisa Bey - Alkalicious; Amy Shuman, LICSW; Dr. Christine Bacon, PhD;  Dr. Melanie Caldwell, MD; Dalin Hardy, Biochemist with Hardy Nutritionals; Doc Albert Lewis, Master Herbalist; Dr. David MacDonald, DO;